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Naruto Ultimate Bijuu Skin

Naruto Ultimate Bijuu skin is one made for Naruto fans, designed by user mid272. The skin looks at version 4.0. Colors & Design There’s yellow everywhere. Lots and lots of yellow. Very little black remains, and most of the text is...

PixelVision Modified Skin

The original PixelVision skin was one of the most popular Steam skins around. Sadly, it was discontinued in January of this year; however user FrostyRobot has released a modified pack with several different color schemes. Colors & Design Available in this...

Synergy Skin

A first attempt at a Steam skin, Synergy skin for Steam is a very blue take on Valve’s original interface design, designed by user Shalva. Colors & Design Color wise, it’s blue. Really, really blue. The backgrounds are a mix of...

Black Rock Shooter Skin

Created by user Raw D Coy, Black Rock Shooter is a primarily black and dark blue Steam skin that doesn’t change much in terms of layout, but instead looks to add a bit more life to the Steam interface. Colors...