First released in 2012 and updated all the way until February 2016, Digitally Unmastered skin is a neon green modification of the standard Steam interface created by user Asphira.

Colors & Design

This is very reminiscent of the color scheme from the original Deus Ex game and Matrix movies. It’s primarily black with a smattering of really bright greens, while the menu and address bar has been given a green to black gradient. The scrollbars are simple green outlines, which ties in nicely with the theme, but is a far cry from more modern design styles.
There’s a small issue with the drop down menus in that they have no border. They’re just solid black with bright green dividers. When the drop down menus are open, they bleed into the rest of the interface, which looks messy.


Digitally Unmastered does very little with the text, save changing the colors. The headings are bright green on black, so they’re easy enough to read. Everything else is white on black with a sensible text size. Full marks in this area.


The biggest bugbear here is that this skin was last updated before changes were made to how Big Picture is represented in the Steam client. As a result, the Big Picture interface element is buried under the main Steam menu, rendering the shortcut inaccessible and making a mess of the top left area of the skin.
Aside from that, the other major usability change included is the addition of a new menu, ‘Skin’ – which provides a shortcut to changing Steam’s skin as well as links to the author’s other skins and Steam group.


Not really a skin I can recommend because of the issue with Big Picture mode and the rather ugly scroll bars, however, if you’re a fan of the Matrix style mostly-black-with-a-bit-of-green color scheme, it might still be worth a look.


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Digitally Unmastered Skin Changelogs

  • None!

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the skin file below, you should get an archive with the “.zip” or “.rar” extension.
  2. Extract the ZIP or RAR and move the folder to:
    • Windows: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/skins
    • MAC OS X: right-click and choose show package contents then /Contents/MacOS/skins
    • Linux: ~/.local/share/Steam/skins/
  3. Open the Steam interface and in top tab, click on “Steam” / “Settings”.
  4. Then open the Interface section.
  5. Find the option “Select the skin you wish Steam to use (requires Steam to restart)” and choose the skin that you want.
  6. Completely shut down and restart Steam.
  7. That was all; now you must have another interface.


  • Only go back to the Interface tab in Steam’s Settings and select a different skin.


  • No Music Player beta support as of yet!

Credit: Asphira

Download Links

Digitally Unmastered Skin

855.3 KB | Version 2.0
Digitally Unmastered

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  1. I only have one complaint, and that is that the store and profile drop downs light up and stay lit up. I’m not sure if this is intended but it’s quite annoying. Apart fom that, a great skin

  2. The colour in the dropdown-menus hangs about until the menu closes, otherwise it is a great skin. Think a some easier highlight of the menu-items would be better as well, but that is my point of view. (Underline or similar, just thinks it is a bit to much having the entire row in green. Minimalize, as it were.)
    Great theme though, very old-school terminal-effect. Love it.

  3. I just downloaded and tested this been using it for one day so far and I just love it it’s so nice and clear about everything so simple to use BUT I have one thing even tho we have our own names in steam I’d like you to change the color of player name’s in steam chat it’s kind of a hard to see is the msg from me or my friend. example when I send message. “Muumis:hello wanna play?” please change the “Muumis” = player name to green and the person who I send it TO can just stay white or something like that it would be easier to see the chat. I noticed it’s green when I am in game but when I am NOT in game. That’s the problem but it’s your choice what are you going to do for it


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