Sometimes a skin gains popularity within the Steam community. When that happens, offshoots of that skin can start to appear, and this is the case with the FACEIT skin. It’s a minor modification of PixelVision by creator Pulseh. The FACEIT skin has been created by user f1rest.

Colors & Design

Color-wise, FACEIT doesn’t change much. It’s still very much black and white with the odd tweaked icon. The Steam header, as with PixelVision, has a carbon fiber look to it, which is an understated but very sleek looking texture.
The primary section links retain the original PixelVision icons, which are still a nice touch when compared to the blandness of the default Steam interface.


As with PixelVision, I feel that some text is just a point too small. In particular, this issue is most noticeable in the detail view of the games list and recent news panels.
Color-wise, everything is fine at least. Slightly off-white and gray text on black backgrounds will always be readable without the need for self-inflicted eyestrain.


Thumbs-up here. Absolutely no issues. As with the original PixelVision, even the big picture button gets some love, as it’s moved down to the end of the address bar and given enough space to show the full, extra wide icon. It also fits nicely next to the view options for the games list.
Everything else is left in their default places, so people coming from the standard won’t have to hunt around for often-used elements or menus.


It’s a good skin. PixelVision is a good skin. My real issue with FACEIT is that the changes are very, very minor. So minor that I have trouble picking out what they actually are, aside from a different icon that’s used to highlight unread messages.


Click on the images below to enlarge and see better!

FACEIT Skin Changelogs

  • Not available yet!

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the skin file below, you should get an archive with the “.zip” or “.rar” extension.
  2. Extract the ZIP or RAR and move the folder to:
    • Windows: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/skins
    • MAC OS X: right-click Steam.app and choose show package contents then /Contents/MacOS/skins
    • Linux: ~/.local/share/Steam/skins/
  3. Open the Steam interface and in top tab, click on “Steam” / “Settings”.
  4. Then open the Interface section.
  5. Find the option “Select the skin you wish Steam to use (requires Steam to restart)” and choose the skin that you want.
  6. Completely shut down and restart Steam.
  7. That was all; now you must have another interface.


  • Only go back to the Interface tab in Steam’s Settings and select a different skin.

The chat and friends UI doesn't load? Then you have to disable the new UI for them. We posted a guide on how to do this, take a look here.

Direct Download

faceit_steam_skin.rar Version: N/A Upload on July 19, 2018

External Download

Download from official website. Version: N/A Upload on N/A
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