Pressure Skin

When a Steam skin has its own website and a Patreon campaign to fund development, it’s clear that it has become a popular replacement for the default Steam skin. That’s the case with Pressure skin, a complete overhaul created by designer Dirt Diglett.

Colors & Design

Pressure skin doesn’t stray too far away from Valve’s original design philosophy. The primary colors are still black and white, and the traditional Steam logo returns to the top-right corner of the header. The drop-down menus have been replaced by a single icon, and the library has received a new drop-down menu for easy switching between games, utilities, music, etc.

The font has been changed to the thinner, smaller NotoSans. Text color has been tweaked slightly, although most of it is still white. The wallet, Steam chat, and messages icons have been given their own color and unique icon.

The header itself is a little thinner than usual, while the section links have been given a bold, all-caps font.


Generally speaking, the readability of text within the interface is top notch. However, there is a slight issue with this uninstalled games list being a very faded gray on a black background, which does require some straining of the eyes to read – certainly a good test of a monitor’s contrast!


From a usability standpoint, Pressure is top notch. It’s one of those that will require a user to spend a little time learning where settings have moved to.
The bright blue highlight accent is a minor, but important change that makes it easy to keep track of the active item within the interface.


Pressure skin is one of my favorite Steam skins. It’s sleek, it has good synergy with modern operating systems, and the design looks highly professional.


Click on the images below to enlarge and see better!

Pressure Skin Changelogs


  • Improved consistency of generic dialogs and wizard dialogs.
  • Improved styling of Achievement Notifications.
  • Fixed Dropdown buttons not having a color when selected. (Issue #1)
  • Fixed the Friends List styling when set to Offline Mode (Issue #2)
  • Fixed significant CPU usage and performance issues. (Issue #3)
    • Fixed FPS Counter cutting off at >100 FPS (Issue #4)

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the skin file below, you should get an archive with the “.zip” or “.rar” extension.
  2. Extract the ZIP or RAR and move the folder to:
    • Windows: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/skins
    • MAC OS X: Press Cmd+Shift+G in Finder and type ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/Steam.AppBundle/Steam/Contents/MacOS/skins
    • Linux: ~/.local/share/Steam/skins/
  3. Open the Steam interface and in top tab, click on “Steam” / “Settings”.
  4. Then open the Interface section.
  5. Find the option “Select the skin you wish Steam to use (requires Steam to restart)” and choose the skin that you want.
  6. Completely shut down and restart Steam.
  7. That was all; now you must have another interface.


  • v1: Only go back to the Interface tab in Steam’s Settings and select a different skin.
  • v2: Delete the skin folder from /Steam/skins.

Steam GroupGitHub / Patreon

The chat and friends UI doesn't load? Then you have to disable the new UI for them. We posted a guide on how to do this, take a look here.

Direct Download Version: N/A Upload on July 26, 2018

External Download

Download from official website. Version: N/A Upload on N/A
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